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Birthdate:Apr 27
Location:Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

I love making websites & graphics, staffing at TFL, and spoiling my cat. I am pro-choice; I support gay marriage; I am anti-war. If any of those last three make you uncomfortable, there's not much I can do about that.

Some of this journal's content is not suitable for people under the age of 18. It can and will contain references to gay sex, slash fanfiction and other adult content. It will also contain v. v. naughty words.

TFL Staffers: Please let me know if you friend this journal so I can add you back asap. Just find an entry and comment. :)

Friending/Defriending: My 'friends list' is my reading list of journals that I find interesting for any number of reasons. I know when I 'friend' someone that we are not going to be BFF! and skip off merrily into the sunset. And that's fine. :) There is no obligation for anyone I've friended to friend me back.

If you have my journal on your friends list and want to remove it, I will not be insulted and I promise I won't tanty. It's not something that bothers me and no feelings will be hurt. Promise. :)

Icons etc: 95% of the time I make my own icons, so if there's no username credited, I made it myself or [profile] nardasarmy made it for me. When I use other people's icons, I always credit, so check out the comments for each icon. :) Resource post is in the memories section.

Fanlisting Ho: Alec (X5-494), Amy Lee, Alona Tal, Bryce Dallas Howard, Death Cab For Cutie, Ianto Jones, Joaquin Phoenix.

Heroes fanlisting Tyra Collette fanlisting Jo Harvelle fanlisting Martha Jones fanlisting Sandra McCoy fanlisting

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